The Amish of Holmes County by Donald Beam

The Amish of Holmes County by Donald Beam

by Shawn David Shelhamer
(Northampton PA)

Thank you for your guidance but the book 'The Amish of Holmes County' has proved to be a rare find.

I did however pick up two books which I'm hoping will answer some questions and perhaps shed some light for me. I would imagine one cannot just go knock on an Amish family's door and ask to be helped in the sense I am looking for.

Can you tell me what would be the best way to become acquainted with a family who has an interest in teaching an outsider ?


Shawn, the best way of looking for an Amish family who would be keen to teach you about their way of life would be to go to the areas where there are strong Amish communities and ask around.

By word of mouth, and by putting the feelers out there of your intentions you should have some feedback as to the general feelings of meeting your request either positively or negatively.

And if you do meet some resistance at first, don't give up. If you are persistent and can show that your intentions are genuine, eventually you will be able to break down the barriers of suspicion.

Remember, that the Amish deliberately shy away from outsiders because they don't want to be tainted in anyway to our outside ways. Therefore you just have to be patient, persistent and convincing without being 'pushy'.

Please let us know how you get on and I do hope that you are able to find a copy of the Donald Beam book.

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