The Homeplace

The Homeplace

The farm is located in IL and has been in the family for 150 years. The first farmhouse located 1/2 mile over was recently torn down. The picture above shows the home (the homeplace) that was built in 1905, of course the barn was built first -- typical in that time period to build the barn and take care of the animals first -- survival strategy. Grandpa was a master - carpenter and added many out-buildings -- crib, chicken house, hog house, coal house, seed house, etc. The home originally had gas lights. Electricity wasn't available until the 1950's in this area, 2 wells, 1 with a windmill, and an elaborate cistern. The wells were replaced by city water a few years ago (family paid for all EPA/Legal/Engineering and ran the water line themselves. We will never have cable TV or high speed internet via telephone lines or cable --area population is too small. High speed internet is via an antenna pointed at the grain elevator in town -- and TV is satellite. The farm is all corn and soybeans now -- animals are short term and the meat is processed ASAP to make it cost effective. The crib is still in use and was used a few years ago; only used in years where yield is high, prices low, and grain bins are overflowing. The crib for grain storage is very labor intensive -- a great deal of manual labor. Grain bins with blowers are more efficient and cost effective. There was a Flying Farmer "fly-in" in the '70's; the farm had an air strip. -- No picture upload buttons on the web page I'm viewing so here is a link.

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