The Orphan Lamb Angel

The Orphan Lamb Angel

by Amanda
(lake district national park)

Hello Everyone,
People call me the Angel as I rescue orphaned and abandoned lambs each year from the valley. I find them all different in all ways, each year brings new challenges and I never underestimate the time needed to keep them alive.

I love each and every one and they are all special. The main problem I have encountered with them over the years is bloat and digestion.

I limit their feed amount. Too much milk at one time can bloat them where they fall over. I always have their fizzy tablets on hand just in case. I find once they go downhill it is very hard but not impossible to bring them back to full health.

I have had lambs with pneumonia that I have saved. I can recommend underfloor heating and a radio.

All bottles must be cleaned to perfection and I always boil them out after each feed. Unlike the comments above I do feed the weak ones on my knee. Sometimes there is no alternative, especially if you have to put a tube down their throat to feed through.

Keep your lambs dry and very clean. I don't let my orphan lambs on grass or out of their enclosure for many weeks until they are strong enough to cope if they happen to eat something they should not.

I do not wean them until they are ready. My 6 year old orphans would love a bottle of milk if only they did not bite the ends off! I find if you wean them too early they do not grow as big.

Lambs will enjoy the company of others and do not like to be separated from their little friends. But I have reared a single lamb. The hardest part I find is integrating them with the rest of my orphans each year. They eventually get along but it takes a long time.

Stories? I could write books about my flock! The things they get up to, tricks they play on me! They always make me smile and that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

So, anyone out there who has a little orphan/abandoned lamb enjoy!


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, and it sounds as if you are doing an amazing job each year with the orphan lambs in your area. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world.

Please feel free to answer any queries on this subject posted by others who have problems with their orphan lambs.

Great to have you on this site!

Countryfarm Lifestyles

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