Thick Milk in Amish Sugar Cookie Recipe

Thick Milk in Amish Sugar Cookie Recipe

by Peggy

In the Amish cookie recipe it calls for thick milk. What type of milk is this referring to?

Thick milk in this recipe is referring to that has thicken after being left to stand in a warm place. Also known as clabbered milk. Not rotten milk, mind.

Get raw, unpasteurized milk and place it in a sealed jar in a warm place for about 2 days. Not in the sun, but somewhere warm. You want the milk to clabber or thicken, but not go so far down the track that it becomes curds and whey.

Your milk is now ready to use. If you don't want to wait, substitute by using plain yogurt in this recipe and watering it down some with a little milk, making sure that it is still thick, but easily pourable.


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