Troubled times ahead

Troubled times ahead

by nicole peulevey
(Saint Tropez (Var) - France)


Forget my English, I am French.

What with supervolcanoes ready to blow our heads off, unprecedented world-wide economic crisis, and whatnots looming up ahead,I have gradually become aware it was about time to apply to myself my good old Epicurus' teachings relative to self-sufficiency.

I live in a small flat south of France in St Tropez, so I have very little room indeed to grow indoor vegetables, but still I can make it against my left-hand window, which does not open. That should at least save the extra electricity, I hope.

Two dogs and a cat living indoors make it rather difficult to house other pet animals such as a hen for eggs, for instance, however ... My dogs won't touch a feather, I am not quite so sure concerning my cat. He has wrought havoc among the resident rats around indeed !!! However I dearly love eggs ... and have been used to hens at my granny's when I was a little girl. Well, I have yet to think on it.

I am no 2012'er, however, analysing what's going on around is rather fearful as to the near future. And as a survivalist I do feel concerned about at least escaping the first rush into the shops in case anything "unexpected" happened. It may be all for nothing but at least I won't have to kick myself for not having done things beforehand ...


Nicole, we are indeed heading for troubled times and being as self-sufficient as possible will make that period of our lives more bearable.

One only has to see what happens to towns when there is a natural disaster and suddenly there is no way in which one can go to the bank, draw some money and head off to the shops to buy one's food.

One of the reasons for being self-sufficient and keeping money at home for events like this. I was shocked to hear the other day that only 12% of all currency exists in the world, the rest exists electronically! Now there is a sobering thought!

All the best with making your flat as self-sufficient as possible. One can easily grow herbs indoors and vegetables in containers and if your balcony is big enough a small hen house. Rabbits, of course are another food source and their droppings make good manure for your vegetables.

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Dec 17, 2014
troubled times ahead
by: nicole peulevey

I just left a message above telling about my changed circumstances and a new handicap. My flat and balcony are very small indeed. Being handicapped even though, thank God, it's not forever, changes the way of considering things. I cannot drive and have no car, so I cannot very well visit all the farms in the neighborhood.

Anyway the soil here is mostly sand and rocks and not much good for growing vegetables! Living on the ground floor I have unfortunately no access to a roof. And as I had to take credit to help my 95 years old mother I cannot afford any extra expenses.

So I just content myself with very basic self-sufficiency tricks!!! Hope it gets better when I can walk again.

Nicole, thanks for writing in, and we do hope that 2015 will be a better year for you and your family. We don't need lots of land to be self-sufficient. It is amazing how much can be grown in pots and planters. Perhaps something to think about for the new growing season.

Dec 17, 2014
troubled times ahead /1
by: nicole peulevey

Hi! Troubled times ahead indeed ... It fell right on my head; I was run over by a car on June 23rd, 2012, got both legs crushed and am only beginning to walk about 100 m without my crutches again.

Meanwhile my mother (now aged 95) decided last year to divorce, was sent into a home for pensioned people to get her away from a violent husband and guess who had to manage it all ???

And I had to take a credit, of course. So all my plans have been washed out, I had to have both dogs put to sleep and give the cat over to a friend.

So now I am just content with saving water, stop wasting as much as I can, learn sewing and knitting and be as independent as possible.

Love Nicole

May 09, 2012
Something to think about.
by: Catherine L Lyon

Nicole, I understand that you are in a tiny living condition, but do you have access to a roof?

A small coop can fit on a roof between water heaters, air conditioners, etc. If you had access to a roof (and it doesn't have to be YOUR building, you could have veggie boxes and a small coop for chickens that will give you eggs and meat!

What do you have in the way of farmer's market or local market? Sometimes farmers will allow you access to their coops for a small fee, or even give you access to a small area not used (too overused for their bigger operations)that you can put either a small coop with chickens on or even a milk goat.

Just a thought!!!

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