unending crowing

unending crowing

by Marge

I have a bantam rooster that crows constantly. He also walks backwards a lot. Is this normal?
It is not normal for chickens to walk backwards and it can be due to a couple of things.

Firstly, strange walking behaviors in chickens can be due to protein deficiencies. This is especially seen when chickens are moulting.

To rectify this you can give your chickens protein, because this is what is causing the problem. Feed your chickens meat, sunflower seeds, meal worms and grasshoppers or even some cat food for a quick fix. If you let them out and free range, they will find the worms and grasshoppers for themselves.

However, there is also a possibility that your chicken has a disease that is affecting the nervous system.

It could be a type of Marek's disease, which Silkie bantams are prone to. This is a disease that is fairly common, and is caused by the herpes virus. If your chickens are stressed at any time, it can cause an outbreak, which will result in strange walking patterns, and true Marek's disease ends in paralysis.

Again you want to build up the diet to include protein as well as Vitamin B and E. You can get the Vitamin B through feeding your chicken plain, active yogurt. With regards to Vitamin E, you can open up a 1000mg Vitamin E capsule and empty the contents into some mash to feed it.

Let us know how you get on.

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