Updated USDA Canning Recommendations

Updated USDA Canning Recommendations

by Jenn Nashoba-Brown
(Washington State, USA)

Hi! I really love your site. Home canning is a very important skill to have in our self-sufficiency "tool kit."

As a WA State Master Food Preservationist, I would be remiss in not pointing out the information shared on page 10 of the current "USDA Home Canning Basics," which is an excellent resource. I was very happy to see it made available on your site! It is one of my go-to books when answering our food safety hotline.

Page 10 of the "USDA Home Canning Basics" reads: "Open-kettle canning and the processing of freshly filled jars in conventional ovens, microwave ovens, and dishwashers are not recommended, because these practices do not prevent all risks of spoilage."

I know that many (my mother and sister, for example) will say, "Well, I... or my mother... or my grandmother... has done this for years and is both healthy and still here!" This is true in *my* case, as well as my mom and sis...

BUT the purpose of both water bath and pressure canning is to evacuate air and prevent air from having any potential of either staying in the jar (open kettle-the same air is the still in there as when originally filled, so the potential for contamination by microbes and mold spores in the room air still exists.) or being sucked back into jar if the temperature drops momentarily (Oven and steam methods)... the water bath provides a "water seal" during the process of evacuating room air, while pressure canning--done correctly--prevents it through the sustained application of pressure against the lid while evacuating the air.

Thank you for letting me share. Again I LOVE your site and your recipes, and will continue to be one of your fans!


Many thanks, Jenn for your valuable contribution to the home canning page.

The update will definitely be appreciated by the rest of the readers.

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