Urban homesteading/Dervaes

Urban homesteading/Dervaes

by rcj

Jules Dervaes is your hero? Well, then, you might want to add an encircled "R" after your usage of "urban homestead(ing)f" so as not to get sued by said Mr. Dervaes, as he has somehow managed to trademarked that commonly used term.


Good luck.

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Apr 24, 2011
patenting life
by: Anonymous

Nice comments.

As to trademarking/patenting life itself? Already done, particularly in plant patents. (GMO seed anyone?)


an urban homesteader

Apr 23, 2011
The Rights to Urban Homesteading
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

I was wondering when someone was going to tackle me about my comment about the Dervaes family being a role model and a hero! Let's just say that that was written some years ago when their egos will still in place and they didn't have this crazy notion that Urban Homesteading was something that they could trademark.

I still think that what they did on their small plot of land is inspirational, but they have lost a lot of fans, myself included, due to their arrogant and ignorant behavior.

I certainly do not go along with the latest antics, and what makes me smile is that from a small plot of sustainable land they now call themselves an institute!

Urban homesteading is not something that they initiated, nor is it a new concept that they were soley responsible in promoting. However, both you and I know that the law is an ass, particularly in the USA where anything is possible, and as a result they have flexed their puny muscles and believe that they have the right to trademark this concept and send cease and desist letters to anyone who has a blog, website, or book written on the subject.

I will continue to write about Urban Homesteading despite all the fracas, and urge others to do the same on their websites and blogs. If we don't what will be next? A trademark for farming, country living, sustainable living, life itself???

Why is it that the law never favors common sense?

Countryfarm Lifestyles

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