very nice explanation on how to prune roses

very nice explanation on how to prune roses

I would like to know when does one water the rose plants after pruning in the fall.

Nisa, after pruning your roses you need to make sure that you water and feed your roses well. This will encourage strong growth and a good show of blooms the following growing season.

Roses, in general love water, and really suffer if there is a drought or you withhold water at any time. In the summer months, when the weather gets really hot, don't be shy in giving your roses iced water. They love it!

My mother grew beautiful roses in South Africa, feeding them regularly with cow manure, and foliar feeding them with a seaweed extract. In the hot summer weather, she gave them iced water and they never looked back.

Happy gardening and wishing you all the best with your rose gardening.

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Aug 20, 2013
Pruning Roses in the Southern Hemisphere
by: Anonymous

Hi, I live in South Africa and we are almost at the end of winter and coming into the spring season.

I would really appreciate any advice.


Hi, you don't say whereabouts in South Africa you are, because as you probably know, pruning times will differ if you are on the Highveld, the Western Cape or in the sub-tropical areas of the country.

With regards to pruning roses in the Southern Hemisphere, generally these should have been pruned late July, and all pruning ideally should have been finished by the first week of August. Hopefully, in your area it is still not too late to prune.

After pruning make sure you dab the cut ends with a little methylated spirits to protect them from disease and then spray the whole rose bush with a lime sulphur solution if your rose bush doesn't have any leaves at present, as this solution will burn the leaves if they are.

I try not to use lime sulphur too much. As on organic gardener and beekeeper, I am always mindful of what I spray on my plants and how it will affect the good bugs and insects. Unfortunately, lime sulphur is not too kind to the good bugs, so use with care, and only if you really think you need to.

Give each rose bush a good feeding after pruning and fork the beds lightly. Don't dig too deeply - about 2-3 inches is more than sufficient. Add a generous amount of compost and water thoroughly.

You should give your roses another mulching during mid-summer.

From now on you will need to water your roses at least once a week, and more during the hot, dry summer weather.

Also check the ties on your standard roses, if you have any, and replace them if necessary.

Don't forget to dead-head your roses so that they continue to bloom for you for as long as possible.

With regards to your roses types the ideal pruning times are:

Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses in the Southern Hemisphere:
Prune to 2/3rds every July

Pruning Floribunda Roses in the Southern Hemisphere:
Prune back to 2/3rds in late July

Pruning Miniature Roses in the Southern Hemisphere:
Prune back to 2/3rds late July

Happy Rose Gardening!

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Aug 19, 2013
pruning roses in the northeast US
by: j.ginnter

I do not know about where she lives but in the northeast US where I live we do not fertilize that late in the year.

It promotes new growth as the roses are trying to go dormant for the winter.

I go along with the water idea. I used to cut back my roses in the spring.

I now however cut them back so they have an easier time while sleeping and trying for new growth next spring.

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