Veteran duck raiser

Veteran duck raiser

by Harlon
(United States)

I have raised all sorts of poultry on my farm since I was a little kid.

Pekin ducks are very easy to raise. Ours lived on a steady supply of clean water and cracked corn. They never went without water.

Our motto on the farm was "water is cheaper than corn". As long as the ducks have a nice supply of clean, fresh water, they should be perfectly fine. They are very good ducks to raise for the beginner as well.

Well said! I think too, water is an aspect that is often neglected in livestock and other poultry and not only is this negligent but it is also cruel, especially in hot weather.

Summer is coming, and for those of us who keep poultry, small and large breeds of livestock, please make sure that they not only have a constant supply of water, but that it is also clean.

Presenting dirty water to your farm animals is just as bad as not giving them water at all.

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