Washing your hair with an egg yolk

Washing your hair with an egg yolk

by Daphne Macie
(Lafayette, New York)

I'm very happy being poo-less but recently found a better method than baking soda for a shampoo substitute. Simply break one egg yolk into a plastic cup and beat gently. Wet your head, pour the beaten egg over your hair and rub as you would with shampoo. This leaves my hair sparkly clean with no residue and I can go 5 days between washings.

Since I raise chickens this is a no-brainer. I'll save my baking soda for underarm deodorant and toothpaste! I hope you enjoy this tip.


Yes, egg yolks nourish and feed the hair, and is a great way to use up those excess eggs. However, can we also add that when you rinse the egg yolk out of your hair please use tepid to cool water - otherwise you will end up with a very scrambled mess that will take hours combing out!

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Feb 13, 2012
Rinsing egg yolk out of your hair
by: Daphne Macie

I do appreciate your humor, but I wish I had gone into more detail explaining the process of rinsing the egg yolk from the hair.

Not wanting to discourage any skeptics, I would like to share with any reader(s) that I do not alter the temperature of the water I use for showering (toasty warm) and the yolk washes out great with no residue - it does not cook or get yucky on my head.

It should be used in the same manner as shampoo (wash, rinse, dry) and it is all natural and, best of all, it does not contain all those nasty chemicals that are listed on the back of shampoo bottles. This is one of the many steps I took to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient green life!

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