wet food for chickens

wet food for chickens

by sharon gipson
(orange va.usa)

I have 10, 9 week old chicks and I have been giving them wet food. I keep dry feed available in their coop at all times.

They eat the wet food as if they were starving. So my question is why not give them wet feed?

Thank you
Sharon Gipson

Oh by the way I just discovered your site. I am enjoying reading all this information on taking care of chickens.


Hi Sharon, welcome again!

You don't say what wet food you are feeding to your chickens, but I assume that you are giving them a mash.

The problem with feeding your chickens wet food is that it can go sour very quickly if it is not eaten all at once, and it is the sour mash that causes all sorts of health problems for chickens that could end up killing them. Sour mash often effects the lungs first.

If you really want to feed your chickens a mash only do this once a week as a treat and immediately remove any uneaten food within the hour. I would also mix enough water for them so that it is crumbly, rather than a sloppy porridge.

Remember too, that for constant egg production and good health chickens should have greens at all times. Spinach, courgette leaves, turnip tops, cabbage, nettle leaves, etc. are all good for chickens.

For more good chicken health, don't forget to add a tablespoon or so of cider vinegar to their drinking water at least twice a week and active plain yogurt and chopped garlic and sunflower seeds to their food at least once a week.

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