What about bystanders?

What about bystanders?

by joella

The treatments mentioned like soap and oil say that they kill aphids. Does it also kill the good bugs like ladybugs?

If you have an aphid problem and you have ladybugs then your aphid problem is solved as ladybugs need aphids to survive. In fact, one little ladybug could eat up to 5000 aphids in a life time.

As a result you shouldn't be spraying as first of all the ladybugs are doing their jobs for you, and secondly, if you kill the aphids you are depriving the ladybugs of a meal.

If you decide to spray you are running the risk of harming all good bugs, including the ladybugs.

Neem oil is safe for ladybugs, as is white oil or orange oil as it tends to target soft bodied insects like aphids, scale, mealybugs etc. As ladybugs have a hard, shell-like body they are not affected, although the ladybug larvae will be.

Soap works in the same way. It is safe for adult ladybugs, but only if you are using domestic soap rather than insecticidal soap.

Whatever spray you use it is best to use any organic sprays at either early morning or late afternoon when the good bugs are not as active.


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