What an amazing website!

What an amazing website!

by Franz
(Norfolk, England, UK)


I live in the U.K. and found your site through a Google search. Of the hundreds of sites on this topic, this is one of the most interesting and well organised.

I've been into self-reliance for almost 20 years now and John Seymour is my hero.

I am so pleased to know that so many people are re-discovering traditional skills and living as our grandparents live, but with the added knowledge we have today (solar panels etc) which doesn't hurt at all.

I am LDS and in my area I deal with emergency preparedness and foods storage, wheat orders etc.
I've been asked the same questions millions of times and found out that many people don't even know how to get started - there are zillions of books and websites but they are still stuck.

So, I decided to start up a blog and write a book on how to make it through hard times, as this is just the beginning of what is to come, economically speaking.

You are welcome to have a look at my book on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/146641152X) or my blog (http://backtobasicshub.blogspot.com/)
I will add your link to it as it is such a superb website.

Thanks a lot for your work!



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Dec 11, 2011
To John
by: Anonymous

Hello John,

You are so correct, and maybe you already know that this is exactly what John Seymour advocated in his books.

He suggested that like-minded people get together and work together. This can be done via media, or if you are lucky, with your neighbours.

As the situation deteriorates daily, those skills they have learned in years of trial and error will be invaluable. Websites go down, companies close, but a good book and a good experienced friend can really help us all.

Greetings from Franz

Dec 07, 2011
What an amazing website
by: John W.

In regards comments from Norfolk England,I have to agree with your words my friend. The many good books and publication out there today go a very long way in helping a person to get started as well as the internet. The world is laid before our eyes. However one must prepare for this transition by gardening, foraging, perhaps a back yard rabbit or a chicken or two, and as much as one can do in their present situation / location before venturing too far from home. Canning and preserving can be done in the city as well as a plant or several in a small yard.

However not having read your article I can only give really what I feel is the best advice of all. In making the move from any place find someone, a neighbor or other knowledgeable person who has been homesteading or country living for a few years. Their advice and guidance will be the most important tools of all.

I will not go into all the reasons why this is true but think about it and it makes sense. I will close with that or this will be a full blown artiale instead of a comment.

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