What to feed a sick chicken?

What to feed a sick chicken?

by angela
(eureka mo)

What food do I give a chicken when it is sick? There is a small mass on the lower part of chicken. She doesn't want to walk or eat her food. I am feeding her myself with some rice and egg. She is grooming herself and looks good although she has a little heavy breathing.
Angela rice and egg is fine. I presume you are feeding your sick chicken the egg yolk. This has the vitamins that she will need.

You can also feed her human baby food you buy in bottles, Gerber's etc. Make sure that you chose meat and vegetables, just not chicken! In the baby food you can add some grains if she will take it.

If not you can feed her that with some chopped parsley, garlic and onion. These will all help in providing her with natural antibiotics and tonics.

You can also give her some plain yogurt with chopped garlic and again add some grains to it.

Don't forget to add a small amount of grit as she is not getting this in her diet.

Watch the heavy breathing. Often when chickens are sick they will get chest infections or worse, pneumonia and that will kill your bird quicker than whatever is wrong with her.

You can treat your chicken with a broad spectrum antibiotic, which is also good for chest infections. I use Tylan only when absolutely necessary and when I don't want my hens to die. But it does work, and within days.

Hope your chicken pulls through.


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