When do they start to re-lay eggs after sitting?

When do they start to re-lay eggs after sitting?

by Christine

Good morning

We are new at this, had 4 Indian runners since July 2012 and this spring the females started to lay.

We collected until one day when one female started to sit and we left her alone for the fours weeks. The eggs did not hatch and when examined they were not developed. We removed the old eggs and were expecting her to begin laying again.

It has been 3 days since we removed the old eggs, she is back to her regular behavior with the other ducks, BUT has not laid since??? How long before she will begin to lay eggs again???


What is happening is very normal, and the length of time it will take your ducks, or even chickens for that matter to lay again, will depend on the duck or hen itself.

Some, who are very broody will take weeks before they decide that it is time to lay again, and others will take days.

As you have already allowed your duck to sit out 4 weeks, she should be laying within the next couple of days again.

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