when making homemade colostrum can I use whole milk bought from store

when making homemade colostrum can I use whole milk bought from store

We have some orphan lambs and I was wondering when making the homemade colostrum, can you use whole milk bought from a store?

As you would have read from the article, frozen colostrum taken from a ewe that has given birth to a dead lamb is your first choice for giving colostrum to a new lamb.

However, if this is not possible, then you can used whole milk, preferably organic and not homogenized to use in the homemade colostrum recipe.

There are some farmers who know their milk source and will give them raw cows milk that is readily available to them, however, unless you really know the livestock producing this raw milk, you have to be aware that there could be a possibility of giving your sheep Johne's disease.

As not everyone has cows on their property, or a ready supply of good raw milk, buying store bought milk is the only option. This is why an egg is added to the standard recipe to give it more richness and additional proteins and vitamins to bring it in line with the sheep's milk.

There are some who will go further than this and add some whole cream. I have tried both, and prefer now the addition of the cream.

1 two-quart carton of whole (vitamin D) milk / or organic non-homogenized milk
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 egg

Wishing you all the best with raising your poddy lambs. It isn't easy, and you may find that in the end you lose them anyway as they are not getting the antibodies in the milk from ewe to lamb which is so important, but at least you tried.

For later feeding after making sure that they get their colostrum, if you cannot find a milk replacer, then using full cream powdered milk, as Tony from Australia suggested in one of these posts, is very good as a substitute, and there is very little occurrence of scours.

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