Where to place composting bins

Where to place composting bins

Not a comment but a question. I have only raised beds in my garden and having purchased a composting bin is it possible to locate this on a tarmacked area or should it only be located on open ground? Your help would be appreciated.

From time to time your composting material will get wetter than usual. This can be from a number of factors, but what happens is that the composting material will leach out. If you have your bin on the tarmac it will just make an awful mess. If you place the compost bin on the ground, any leaching that takes place will be readily absorbed by the soil, and there are no nasty smells or liquid lying around.

In addition, you want to encourage the good bugs to inhabit your composting bin so that they can help with the breakdown process. By placing the bin on the soil this will help the process.

However, if you don't have a choice, you can place your bins on thick pieces of paper, or on a couple of sheets of corrugated cardboard covered with a layer of soil before placing the compost bin on the tarmac. In this way you will encourage the insects to colonize as well as help with any leaching of liquid that may occur.

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