which is the best beet root variety for higher nitrate content.


I want to know which is the best beetroot variety for higher nitrate content in India.


As long as the growing conditions are optimal, all beetroot will contain good levels of nitrates which, as you probably know, beetroot is excellent in bringing down high blood pressure and improving other health issues to do with the cardio-vascular system.

There are certain varieties of beetroot that have higher nitrate levels than others, however, these beetroot will not have this if they are not grown under ideal conditions.

Bikores, Boltardy, Nero and Detroit are 4 beetroot varieties that not only produce high levels of nitrate but also yield well, have a good betanin content and form a good shape to the beet.

Whether you can get these varieties in India is not something I would know.

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Feb 20, 2014
How to Make Beetroot Powder
by: latha

Dear Sir,

Please do let us know the best process of extraction of high nitrate in beet root and also a stable nitrate , We are looking for a highly rich nitrate beetroot powder.


We are not able to tell you how to extract nitrates from beetroot on a commercial basis, but we can tell you how to make a simple beetroot powder at home.

There are a number of ways of doing this, but the end result is the same; dehydrated beetroot that you can then grind down into a powder.

We feel that to get a higher concentration of nitrates you would need to use the beetroots raw. However, there are those that cook the beetroot first.

The first method of making beetroot powder is to slice the beetroot in even slices so that they are fairly thin. The thinner they are, the quicker they will dry.

Then either use a homemade dehydrator where you can dry them in the sun, or you can place them in an electric dehydrator until they are dry.

You can also dry them in an oven over a couple of hours at a very low temperature.

Another method of making beetroot powder is to take the beetroots and pulp them. You don't want to pulp them too much, but just so that you can spread the pulp out in a thin layer on baking trays and then dry the pulp in the same ways above.

Beetroot powder can also be achieved using the pulp and a microwave oven. You would need to do this in small batches though, so it is not advisable for a commercial venture. However, for those of you who want to make beetroot powder at home, pulp up your beets, and then place them on a microwave-proof plate in a thin layer and microwave on low for about an hour until the pulp is dry.

After that you need to put the dehydrated beets through a grinder. For small amounts a coffee grinder works well.

Wishing you all the best with your new venture.


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