White spots on rose leaves

White spots on rose leaves

by Bonnie Carr

I have two miniature rose bushes and they both have white/yellow spots on the leaves. The new leaves are normal but get spotty as they grow. I added dolomite to the soil as I was told it is a pH problem. Any ideas what is the problem?
Thank you

Bonnie, if you can upload a picture and show me what your rose leaves look like I can give you a better answer.

I am not sure if what you are referring to could be mildew, or something else. Are these spots powdery? If so then you have a mildew problem.

If not, then it could be that the leaves are being eaten by immature leaf hoppers that end up leaving transparent places where they have sucked the sap from the plant cells.

However, without a picture to go on, it is really just taking a stab in the dark!

Kind regards.

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Jun 07, 2015
Rose Care and White Spots
by: Bonnie Carr

I have found that my roses have normal leaves again. I fed them. Oh well, another lesson learned. They seem to be very hungry at present. As soon as I see any white spots on the leaves, I put organic fertilizer around the soil and soon they green up again.

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