will my buck kill the babies

will my buck kill the babies

by annmarie

i have two does that get along were raised together and a buck .

My homesteading question is will my buck kill the babies if left in the same hutch as the females?

i had a litter born separated the rabbits and the babies didnt make it i was wondering if that was why.

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Oct 08, 2014
Overbreeding and the health of the doe
by: Anonymous

I have read that does have bicornuate duplex uterus, which I believe means that it is possible for a doe be pregnant with two litters at the same time. This is likely to result in lower quality kits, the necessity of hand rearing the second litter, and a shorter life span for the does. So regardless of the possible behavioral consequences I prefer to keep my buck separate so that I have control over the frequency of breeding.

Mar 26, 2011
buck being in the same cage as the doe
by: Maura

Hi, this doesn't answer your question about whether it is alright for the buck to be with the does as we never had our buck in with the does.

However, the does will sometimes eat the babies if something scares them. Even a bad storm can set them off.

We had that happen several times. I have a feeling that it's probably not a good idea to have the buck in with the female but hopefully other's will have a better answer for you.

Good luck!

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