Winter Egg Production

Winter Egg Production

by Dale Mellott
(Roaring Spring Pa.)

As you notice in the winter months your hens slow their egg production. This is due to the length of daylight has been shortened by a few hours.

With the aid of a very low wattage light bulb (bright enough you could barely be able to read a newspaper) and a timer you can give your hens and extra hour in the morning and an extra 2 hours in the eve,by doing this you will see an increase in your hens egg production.

Also, if you are concerned about your hens' feet freezing on the roost you can simply add electric heat tape to the underside of roost so the heat rises up into your hens as they roost overnight.Heat tape automatically activates at 32 F.

By adding a timer to the tape it can be run a few hours during the coldest times in the morning usually before sunrise.I would activate it from 2 am till 5 am.

Keep them hens Happy Happy Happy!

Many thanks, Dale for your tips on getting hens to lay throughout the winter. You are absolutely correct. Lengthening the light hours in winter days is very important, and something we often overlook.

I can add 3 more tips that work like a charm for winter egg production:

1) Feed your chickens some meat every day
2) Sprinkle their morning mash with cayenne pepper.
3) Give them greens every day.

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