Wrapping trunk and limbs with cloth for codling moth

Wrapping trunk and limbs with cloth for codling moth

by Arlie Haig
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

I really like the idea of wrapping with cloth. If I did that in late March, with transparent curtain cloth on the whole trunk and all large lower limbs, and allowed no openings for moths to escape from, would that work to trap any that hatch?

Another question, my 4 hens are always scratching under my two apple and one pear tree, so can I assume they have helped control the codling moth population, and by how much?

Thanks for your information!


You want to wrap the tree with cloth that will offer protection to the caterpillar but with holes that will be small enough to contain the moths when they hatch. If you have that in the type of cloth you want to use, then go ahead.

With regards to your chickens in the orchard they will definitely keep the insect population down. They will not only love the grasshoppers and caterpillars that they find on the ground, but will also eat the fallen fruit which if not removed or eaten is a perfect breeding ground for fruit flies and other nasties.

So carry on with your chickens and definitely use either grease bands on your trees or wrap them up good.

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