You Made me smile today.....thank you !

You Made me smile today.....thank you !

Hi Gypsy,

I read your story today, and you made me smile today. What a wonderful touching life story you have. My Goodness!

I'm not sure where you live. I'm a country girl at Heart. Right now I live in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Not by choose , but by need at this time.

I'm single. I moved here from Oregon, after loosing my 25 year old son in a Auto wreck. He was on a fishing trip with 4 of his friends. And died suddenly.

I moved to Arizona to start a new life. It has been a struggle on me. He was my only son and we were close which makes it double hard.

I have been living but not feeling much for about 5 years after his death. I shared a condo with a woman from my church I was attending for the past 5 years. However, one day she calls me from work and tells me she lost her job along with 50 other people....mass lay off...she said she was going to move to another state where her mom lived. Which would leave me hanging but she had no choice in the matter.

I then became very very sick ended up in the Hospital..with out and came home my roommate was gone...she had moved out...I did not know what I was going to do..the house was in foreclosure...and I did not know whether to move or I stayed.

It turned out that an investor bought the place and was willing to rent it to me...even though I live on a very very very small fixed income from the USA Navy that just barely keeps me a float each month.

The doctor gave me 3-6 months to live....and wanted me to do chemo....I told him no..I will do something alternative. So I have been researching for the last several months on what to take for my cancer. I finely found it so will start it next week.

Now in the meantime my computer went down so a friend of mine told me about a young man the same age right to the very year my son would be who repairs computers.He came to my home to fix my computer.

Well, to make a long story short...he lost his father this year and was very sad. I told him of my loss as well. It turns out he needed a place to live so he is sleeping on my sofa now...and is like a son to me. It is wonderful.

In fact I do not know what I would do without him. I then rented my other room I had here out to a older gentleman in order to be able to keep this place and make ends meet somehow. Now I cook for them almost every day and I never liked to is the funny part.

But now this last week I was having more and more pain in my back and stomach. Not good. So had a ultrasound looks like my gallbladder is packed full of they wanted me to have it removed. I said no again....I will find a way to do it naturally so I went on the Internet.

I have to order this book for $20.00 and it seems like they will tell me how to remove all them naturally, so that is the route I'm going to take now.

I love the Lord and I know some how he will make me well and get me back out in the country again. I love horses and goats and dogs.They make me so happy. I miss them more then words can say.

So when I read your story I could relate to your feelings in so many ways.

It was a joy reading your story.You are a wonderful person. I can tell.

I thank God every day that he showed me how to beat this cancer. I thank him for bringing a son into my life. So I have much to be thankful for. I know other things will change too when it is time for them too I just have to be strong and wait on the Lord. He has taken care of me this far..and I know he will still this I trust.

I'm half Jewish and half Native American Indian woman. I would love to be married again but nothing even close to that has come my

My son that is with me, that I have adopted, he is 30 years old and single...he does computer repair....but business has slowed way down here in the city.

I told him, I want to move out in the country again. I will just look for a way, somehow,not sure how right yet, but somehow.

Once I get to feeling better I want to spend my time writing a book. This I feel strongly lead to do. So I would like to write and ride horses when the time is right...smiling :-)

Well, that is kind of my story in a nut shell too.

I think it is wonderful to hear how we all work it out under that big sky you were talking about....smiling :-)

Thanks for sharing, it brought such joy today to me.

Take care, and Shalom and Blessings to you, girl

In a good way, Rebekah

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Jun 19, 2011
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Dear Rebekah,
Thank you for your story. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you are able to regain your health and find a home in the country. There is a purpose and a plan and all things happen for a reason. Think positive and plan for the future.
I am another person who loves to live in the country and understands.

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