Young boy tries Alabama moonshine 1900

Young boy tries Alabama moonshine 1900

by Will
(ST Louis, MO)

My Great grandfather was 98 years old when he passed away in 1988. When he was a boy his family moved to Tick Ridge Alabama. Grandpa moved with Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim had a small building with a moonshine still inside.

One day, grandpa and some other boys snuck inside uncle Jim's moonshine still house and started sucking the alcohol out of the mash. Luckily grandpa and the other boys got caught before becoming too drunk.

Grandpa recorded this story on a cassette tape before he passed away.

A wonderful story to pass on to our readers, William and obviously a high-jinx episode that made a deep impression on your grandfather's life for him to record the incident on tape.

Our grandparents are wonderful sources of history, and it is so sad that once they are gone the stories go with them, unless they are recorded in some way, like this one.

Thank you so much for sharing. If anyone else has moonshine stories to share, we would love to hear them.

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May 26, 2012
sargum drippin's
by: Anonymous

my grand father used to make shine from sargum drippins. he would pot up sargum in a big silo. it was chopped as it went into the silo, at the bottom ws a big old cane pot with a pipe coming out of it. he would keep this pipe coverd with a rag and as the sargum sat in the silo it would cook off,stuff really smelled bad. when it had been cooking for about a week, he would put a bucket or a milk can under the pipe and catch the drippen's and then distill them. I remember that the liquor that came from it would go down smooth as silk but a couple of drinks you were high as a kite. It was just good old american knowhow. I can still hear my grandma now - you been drinking again?

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