Your Mushroom Growing Info is very helpful.

Your Mushroom Growing Info is very helpful.

by Capt. Dan

I am planning to grow Oyster Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms and Shiitake mushroom for commercial purposes.

However, I don't have time to make our own spawn for this variety.

Do you have any idea where to buy mushroom spawn in the Philippines?

Hi Capt. Dan, glad you have found the article on mushroom growing useful to you. You live in a country with ideal mushroom growing conditions.

If you are looking for mushroom spawn to start your mushroom farm then I suggest you contact your local department for Agriculture.

Another organization that is very active and knowledgeable about growing mushrooms is the Aani Herbal Garden at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.

Here are the contacting details.
Telephone number +632497-2755 and mobile numbers +639099343049 and +639278099701.

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May 12, 2014
mushroom farming in Lebanon
by: sam

I am interested lately in mushroom farming in Lebanon in the mounting area at 800 meter of altitude but I do not have any helpful info about the weather condition if it is good to grow mushrooms.

We have a hot summer 26C thru 30C during the day with a mild fall, cold winter between 2C and 10C early Jan. through early March and a mild spring of about 12C and 20C.

What kind of mushroom is more productive in that area?

The other question is if there is a possibility to find truffle mushroom in the wild and if there is any other technique rather than sniffing dogs.



As you will see from the article, mushrooms will only grow in a controlled environment. If you can create a controlled environment you will be able to grow your mushrooms in Lebanon.

There are now several mushroom growers in Lebanon making a good living from this form of agriculture.

The best mushrooms to start growing are the ones that people know best. Agaricus, or the white-button mushroom is your best choice to begin with, so as not to have to battle with a new form of agriculture and to convince the public to try it. They already know what it looks and tastes like.

After you have established a market in Lebanon for the white button mushroom, then you could start introducing the brown button mushroom, and others.

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