Homesteading my own land

by Catherine
(May, TX)

Myself and Humphrey the cow dog!

Myself and Humphrey the cow dog!

I have looked at many properties and have finally found one in an area close to my parents home town.

My question is how much land do I need?

I am planning on being off-grid although electricty is available. Both water and septic tank are already on the property.

I plan on having a garden and herbs, as well as a small plot for corn, potatoes, oats, and sweet potatoes, and a 10 tree orchard.

I plan on having 6 chickens, a milk goat for milk, and a milking cow for butter and cheese. I also plan on raising a yearly pig for the freezer.

With this in mind, just how many acres are needed for this small sustainable homestead? 5 acres, 10 acres, 25 acres?

I have completed a whole lot of research on my farm. I have chosen my breed of animals with care, planned my veggie garden veggies and herbs, designed my barn for animals and such, and even designed my chicken coop for my Buckeyes. But the amount of land needed is still not clicking in my brain.

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Oct 19, 2010
how much land?
by: Anonymous

you are going to need plenty of water for orchard,garden and animals 2 to 3 gals. a minute well ok, spring or creek even better. 10 acres min. for fire wood and privacy and maybe farm exemption on property tax. hope this helps.

Oct 13, 2010
Being Self-Sufficient for Homesteading on 5 acres
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Thank you for the reply from one of our readers. This is exactly what we want to see; all of you contributing and helping each other out. As this homesteading website has grown, I find myself with less time to get around to answering.

You really don't need to have more than 5 acres when homesteading to be self-sufficient. I have written 2 pages on this topic:

You know the old adage; It's not the size that counts it's what you do with it that counts! :)

Why don't you keep a journal of your experiences and then send these to us with some photos on a regular basis so that we can follow you starting your homestead?

I will build the pages for you, and we can record your progress. I am sure that there are others out there who would love to follow what you are doing and how you are getting on with your homesteading adventure.

Wishing you all the best!

Oct 13, 2010
Heritage Homestead gives this advice...
by: Anonymous

The knowledgeable folks at Heritage Homestead, in Elm Mott TX ( run their homesteading class on a 3.2 acre plot (their total facility is >500 acres).

They have meat goats, chickens, (both organic / free range), gardens, herbs, orchard, vineyard in this space. So not to speak for them, as I've just taken their class, you don't need more than this to get going.

They are big fans of integrated holistic layout (chickens free range near garden to grab some bugs, vineyards & orchard protect garden from wind, etc.), and of intensive free range grazing (too much to explain here but you can find it online).

Bottom line: <5 acres sounds adequate. Check for zoning restrictions though.

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