Apricot Brandy Recipe

Apricot Brandy Recipe

To every pound of fruit, take 1 pound of loaf sugar and a wineglassful of water. Put the apricots, which must be sound, but not quite ripe, into a preserving-pan with sufficient water to cover them ; allow them to boil; then simmer gently till tender. Remove the skins. Clarify and boil the sugar, and pour it over the fruit.

Let it remain twenty-four hours. Then put the apricots into glasses, and fill them up with syrup and brandy, half and half, and keep them well corked and the tops of the corks securely sealed. They must be kept twelve months before using. They should be prepared in July. Time to simmer the apricots, about one hour.

I have also made Apricot Brandy but I used organic dried apricots and bottles of brandy.

I cut up the pieces of apricot to about 1 cm small, and placed them in empty bottles. I then added 2 teaspoons of sugar to each 1 pint bottle and filled the rest of the bottle up with brandy.

I left the brandy to soak with the brandy for 2 months before cracking a bottle open, even though the recipe stated leaving it of 3. However, the apricot brandy was super smooth and quite delicious!

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