Vote for your best Farmers Markets and Farm Stores shopping bag with farm food

Share your best farm stores with us on this page, or a farm where you have had the pleasure to buy great farm food directly from the homestead or farmer himself, or at a stall at a farmers' market.

We all like to shop for fresh produce and find places that serve with a smile and give good customer service. We also like finding local farm stores that are good value for money and have great organic vegetables, fruit and meat.  We also want to find local food in order to reduce our ecological footprint. So where are these top farm stores?

Have you found a gem of a farm? Let's face it, there are some great farms out there and if you have a special farm you frequent we would love to know where and why. Why don't you tell us where you are able to buy their produce and products and why you support this particular farm and their farm stores?

  • Why do you think that this is one of the better farms, if not the farm in the neighborhood?
  • What makes this farm so special?
  • How does this farm differ from all the other great country farms in the area?
Do you buy local food? Are you a localvore? Come and tell us about yourself.

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Where do you buy the best farm food?

Do you have a favourite farm shop, farmers' market or country market that you visit regularly? Or perhaps you buy your produce straight from a particular farm. Tell us why you shop there as opposed to anywhere else and what makes them so special.

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