Better Buttermilk Instructions than the Buttermilk Page

Better Buttermilk Instructions than the Buttermilk Page

by Downstrike
(Alturas, CA)

The page, How to Make Buttermilk, was such a letdown! It draws us in, describing how much better churned buttermilk is than cultured buttermilk, and then tells us how to make curdled milk - which isn't any kind of buttermilk! This page tells us how to make buttermilk.

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May 04, 2012
old fashioner churned buttermilk
by: Anonymous

Could anyone please give me specific instructions for making old fashioned churned buttermilk (from raw fresh whole milk) in a five gallon churn? Thanks.

Jan 02, 2011
Old Fashioned Buttermilk versus Cultured Buttermilk
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Thank you for your comments. We always like to see where we can improve.

You are quite right in saying that our How to Make Butter page gives you instructions on how to get buttermilk. What we have here is natural, unadulterated old-fashioned buttermilk that occurs as a by-product from making butter. It is not something we make, it is just something that happens while making milk.

On our page on How to Make Buttermilk, there you are making a different product to this thin, by-product flecked with butter globules found in old-fashioned buttermilk.

Instead we gave you 4 different ways to make cultured buttermilk that is much thicker, and can also be used not only for baking, as old-fashioned buttermilk can, but also as a cheese making starter.

Cultured buttermilk if used with milk and a buttermilk starter is making buttermilk in the same way as we would make yoghurt.

Cultured buttermilk making, therefore is not curdled milk, but rather a process of fermenting the milk, and there are various ways of doing it.

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