bread sticking to the bowl after rising

bread sticking to the bowl after rising

by Holly
(White River Jct, VT)

I've been making bread for a while, love it, we never buy store bought. All of a sudden, after 2nd rising, I remove dough from bowl, flip onto counter, and the dough is sticking to the sides of the bowl.

I thought, I would stop using the starter, (I like the extra flavor), but that didn't make a difference. The texture has changed as well, it was elastic, great for sandwiches as it didn't fall apart while eating, and the bread was soft and yummy. Now the bread is more 'rubbery'.

I've been reading online to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong all of a sudden.

The most I've come up with is to increase my kneading time. I would like your opinion please on how to stop this from happening.

When the bread sticks to the bowl this is fairly normal and nothing to worry about if it is only slightly sticky and this doesn't affect the taste of the bread at all. If you are still concerned, you can rub a small amount of olive oil or sunflower oil inside the bowl before leaving the dough to rise. Your dough will then come away cleanly.

With regards to your dough ending up being rubbery, this is more of a problem.

The problem with bread making is that it is not always easy to pinpoint the problem, especially when you cannot see the final product.

Your rubbery homemade bread could be due to a number of problems; from your flour being ropey, to the yeast being not as fresh as it could be. It could also mean that your oven is too hot and the bread is forming a crust too soon. This causes the mixture to be trapped with nowhere to expand and which then results in a bread that is very dense.

A more common problem however, is that if your dough is too wet it causes your bread to stick to the sides of the bowl and you have a bread with a gummy, rubbery texture.

A simple correction to this problem is to adjust the amount of flour that needs to be added. Try adding an additional tablespoon or two of flour to the recipe and see if that makes any difference. I have an idea that it will.

Let me know how you get on. There is nothing nicer than a freshly baked loaf!

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