Farls Recipe for Leftover Mashed Potato

Farls Recipe for Leftover Mashed Potato

by Eric Billiter
(Green Bank, WV)

Got some leftover mashed potatoes? Simply mix in the same amount of raw oats (quick oats work too).

Let the mixture set for 10 minutes or so.

Form into patties & fry them in a skillet. Peanut oil works well here.

Let them get golden brown on each side. Set them on a paper towel to absorb extra oil & serve hot.

Great for breakfast or anytime. We like to make different sauces for them. One favorite is honey & peanut butter mixed. Enjoy!!


Many thanks for your recipe using leftover mashed potato. Certainly one that I will now try.

I have a different way of using up mashed potato and it is also good.

Take about a cup of cold mashed potato and add a beaten egg and mix well. Add some finely chopped onion. I like using red onions but you can add any type of onion, even sliced up spring onions work well. Salt and pepper to taste.

Now add enough self-raising flour to just stiffen the mixture so that it holds together without falling apart in the pan.

Pour in a little olive or sunflower oil and fry over a slow heat until lightly brown and heated through.

Serve with bacon and eggs for breakfasts or as vegetable for a main meal.


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