Organic Vegetable Gardening and Benefits of Growing Vegetables in an Organic Garden

There is no mystery to organic vegetable gardening. See why you should have an organic garden, the benefits of growing organic vegetables and tips creating something beautiful. The idea of organic gardening might be new to you, but for many years now people around the globe have learned to produce superior fruits and vegetables even on small plots of land, And wherever a family has an organic garden, their health and well-being greatly increases.

newly washed growing organic vegetables in a homemade willow basket

Growing Organic Vegetables

3 Good Reasons for Organic Vegetable Gardening

  • You are able to produce delicious and nutritious foods for yourself.
  • You are able to avoid foods treated with harmful fertilizers and insecticides.
  • You have taken up a fascinating new hobby that may become a source of income as well.

Organic Vegetable Gardening is Not Difficult

Organic Gardening is not difficult, once you have learned to let the enzymes of compost and the earthworms do most of the work for you.

Earthworms do your ploughing. Under light mulch, soil becomes soft and crumbly, making spading and hoeing hardly necessary. Your mulches smother out weeds.

Many people feel that an organic garden will take care of its own, that you don't have to do much to keep it going. That couldn't be further from the truth. For successful organic vegetable growing you need to feed the soil, not the plants. This means adding well rotted farmyard manure, applying liquid fertlizer, knowing how to make compost and apply it correctly as well as composting leaves for leaf mold.
Having an organic garden is just as much work as having a conventional garden, but it just means that you will have healthy, clean food as a results of your efforts.

Why Should we Have an Organic Garden?

While health can certainly be improved by selecting for nutritive value such foods as are available, nevertheless, owing to soil depletion, many of our garden products today lack the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they should contain.

Commercial Fertilizers supplying phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium force the growth of the vegetables, but fail to supply the main nutrients that are needed for a healthy plant. As these plants are deficient in the missing nutrients, the animals and humans living off such plant foods likewise suffer difficiencies. This chain reaction has resulted in a tremendous increase in diseases in your plants, animals and humans alike and is exactly the reason why we have to add vitamins and minerals to our diet with pills.

When we use commerial insecticides and pesticides on our farms and gardens to get rid of these garden pests, we are poisoning not only the insects but we are also poisoning the birds that eat those insects and the humans that are eating the produce as it still has residual insecticide both on the skins and absorbed by the fruits and vegetables themselves.

Not only that, but these insecticides and pesticides kill millions of useful insects that we need to fight the crop-destroying ones. Cases of poisonings from sprays left on vegetables and fruit are not uncommon, and for those of you who are worried about these sprays as you are not able to grow your own organic vegetables just yet I suggest the following recipe to wash your vegetables with:

A Recipe for Removing Poisonous Sprays on Vegetables

  • Buy a bottle of pure hydrochloric acid from your pharmacy and pour it into 3 quarts of water. This makes up a 1% solution and is entirely harmless. Put this solution in an earthenware crock and simply place your vegetables in this solution for 5 mintues. Remove and rinse with ordinary water. Renew your solution every week.

More reasonsfor Organic Vegetable Gardening

With organic vegetable gardening, not only are the minerals, vitamins and protein content in your vegetables greatly increased, but the flavour is incredibly superior to that of foods grown on chemically fertilized soil.

It has been proved beyond doubt that healthier plants can be grown, that diseases of plants can be corrected by rebuilding the soil and revitalizing it with natural humus, and that sprays and poisons become unnecessary. And those who have eaten only organically grown foods for a number of years find improvement in their health.

You will find organic vegetable growing one of the most exciting and satisfying of hobbies. You may start reading books and websites like these, with mild interest, however, within time you will soon realize just how much sense organic vegetable growing actually makes, and hopefully you too will soon have an organic garden of your very own.

How safe is our food? Not nearly as safe if we grow our own! Food issues are not going to go away. Unfortunately, they are here to stay.


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