raw milk, low pastuerized milk for cheese making

raw milk, low pastuerized milk for cheese making

by Gaye

Finding raw milk isn't as hard as you might think. You can find raw milk by going online and putting in something like 'where can I find raw milk' or something like that. That's how I found a farm that sells raw milk just a town away from me.

Also, I found a store that sells low pasteurized milk not far away. You need that to make a lot of cheeses such as Mozzarella. I'm having trouble finding a store that sells Thermophilic culture though. I can buy it online and I found a recipe to make it which I plan to try but in the meantime I would love to find a store that sells it. Anyone know of any? I live in MA.


Glad to hear that you have been able to source the right milk for your cheese making, Gaye. I too, am lucky to have a good source of raw milk for both cows and goats and plan to make mozzarella today from the cows milk, and a soft cheese out of the goats milk.

The thermophilic culture can be substituted by using your own homemade yogurt, as long as it is freshly made.

However, if you are serious about cheese making then you would be better off sourcing a commercial thermophilic culture starter.

I have to say that I find a direct set culture so much easier to use and this is my personal preference.

I do hope that someone is able to answer your question regarding purchasing a thermophilic culture starter in MA.

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