Delcious Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes for Gravy, Stuffing, Brines, Leftovers... 

So Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you groan inside because you just cannot bear another year of dried turkey and lumpy gravy. Well, this year, we hope your Thanksgiving will be more successful with our country Thanksgiving turkey recipes.

3 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

The success to cooking for large parties of people is to relax, peferably with a good glass of red in one hand, while you stir the pots with the other! Note I said a glass, as you really don't want your relatives having to scrape you off the floor in an inebriated state while the turkey is merrily burning to a crisp unattended!

The second part of the success is being prepared. Make sure that you have all the ingredients for your recipes.  Double check this. You don't want to find out at the last minute as you come to serve that you don't have a certain item. And don't forget to take the turkey out to thaw!

And finally, 
timing. Timing really is the key to the perfect turkey dinner. Knowing what you need to do when, and how to keep your food hot while you are finishing off the meal.

There is an art to making lump-free gravy, and in our thanksgiving turkey recipes, as seen below, we show you how to take the stress, and the lumps out of this traditional accompaniment to your succulent turkey.

Which brings me to the turkey itself. As mentioned above, we need to be prepared well in advance of the day. If you don't take your turkey out of the deep freeze days before the big day you are going to have a lot of disappointed people staring at a bird that is burnt on the outside and still raw inside.

See how to cook that perfect turkey dinner here, along with carving instructions and gauging how much meat each person will eat so that you don't have lots of leftovers. However, if you do, we have a page of recipes for leftovers, so don't despair.

Our Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Turkey Gravy Recipes
Turkey Stuffing Recipes
Deep Fried Turkey
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Ground Turkey Recipes
Turkey Leftovers

Children feeding a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.


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